Kiama and Shoalhaven Councils - slowest in the state!

Kiama and Shoalhaven Councils - slowest in the state!

According to recent statistics reported by the Regional Planning Panels, Kiama and Shoalhaven Council are two of the worst performing Councils in relation to the time for consideration of referred matters.

Regional Planning Panels determine ‘regionally significant’ development applications (DAs) and certain other DAs and modification applications. These are:

  • developments with a capital investment value over $30 million;
  • developments with a capital investment value over $5 million which are council related;
  • applications lodged on behalf of the State;
  • private infrastructure and community facilities or eco-tourist facilities;
  • designated development; and
  • certain coastal subdivisions.

Regional Planning Panels produce a quarterly dashboard report outlining the fastest and slowest councils for development approvals assessment time in the state. Kiama, Shoalhaven and Wollongong Councils are in the Southern Regional Planning Panel group.

In Quarter Two 2018/2019 Kiama Municipal Council and Shoalhaven City Council were at the bottom of the list for their lengthy approval time. The council assessment time is the time taken in days from the lodgement date of a matter until the date that council supplies the regional planning panel with the assessment report.



Council Assessment Time

Regional Planning Panels


Byron Shire Council

412 days

386 days


Lake Macquarie City Council

444 days

386 days


Kiama Municipal Council

709 days

386 days


Clarence Valley Council

779 days

386 days


Shoalhaven City Council

1251 days

386 days

Source: - Regional Planning Panels Quarterly Dashboard Report, Quarter Two 2018/2019